K-Paul & TUA – Devil’s Playground on Kallias Music featuring an exclusive Dubstep Remix By Audhentik

What’s the devil up for? KAL 057 is bringing it to the point by letting in two well known demons: K-Paul and Tua are spreading their sins all across the city, the land, the continent and the world!

What a hell of a tune! Featuring a deep mellow bass section and a strong repeating vocal sample: “I heard that the devil’s playground is born”. Indeed it is! Isn’t it fascinating how a track can be smokin’ hot and cold as ice at the same time?

Hell wouldn’t be hell if there weren’t great feasts of escapades. Sure thing our two hosts invited some friends. Stepping out of the darkest corners of the hall: Jonas Woehl  with his darkened production adding his field recording signature sound and bringing an even more progressive vibe to track. On the other side there’s the clubbier Franz Alice Stern remix, taking it back to the dancefloor. 

Also escalating on the party: Dayne S who just makes you want to shake it while AUDHENTIK is experimenting with dubstep elements in his rendition. It’s absolutely impossible to resist this deadly squad, so don’t even try….

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