This time next week Audio Farm will be kicking off with a bang down at the most beautiful venue yet, Cholmondeley Castle Estate in Cheshire.

The event itself will run from 9am on 03/08 through to 2pm on 08/08/2017 so except five days of the most exciting mixed array of entertainment, music, art and contemporary culture that there is to cram into festivities.

Audio Farm (Manchester based) has always been a very idyllic festival and offers something different to most others that appear similar to its kind. Audio Farm is family friendly (catered with a campsite especially for those with children so that when the dark hours hit and the musical acts heighten, adults with children can swiftly move on into their own personal campsite for a safe night’s sleep that is quiet and peaceful). Not only this but there is also a luxury campsite available for those that feel they can splash a little more cash for some more homely comforts to go along with their festival frolicking, including lotus tents, bell tents and tipis, this is really a more ‘glamping’ experience. As for the rest of us who stay up through the night around camp fires listening to acoustic musical acts find ourselves hurdling to our tents at any god forsaken hour (this is always after being wowed and endeared by all the different acts throughout the day and night. Everybody goes to sleep smiling ready for a new day of festival fun to follow.

This year Audio farm has a few extra surprises up its sleeve, not only will it be providing 24 hour entertainment, healing spaces, fire and circus performances, craft workshops, and ambient musical tents but it will also be supporting a charity financial fair scheme. Something which many other festivals do not offer. Audio Farm has always considered itself a non for profit festival which gives back to its fans and the community. This year Audio Farm “…is aiming to raise £50,000 for Green Paw Project. The £50,000 will fund a project that starts in Malawi September 2017. A project for a charity that the Audio Farm / One Tribe Festival team are founders of, and are project managing. The money fundraised will be used to build an animal wildlife sanctuary to help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife such as leopards, monkeys, antelopes etc. The project will also aid in the fight against the poaching of animals such as elephants, through front line defence work in the National Parks”.

So as you can probably already tell, the ethos and work behind Audio Farms gracious festival experience is really not one to be missed! With 7 stages, surprise guest speakers, acrobats, a land of imagination and delightful positive people and change, Audio Farm will be spreading its love and we are so excited to be attending in just under a weeks’ time.

From experience of attending Audio Farm events in the past, The Noise Gate can proudly say that the festival will most definitely provide a feeling of togetherness that is shared between the crowds of people that continue to attend year after year. Attending Audio Farm is like entering a field of love, with people full of passion for life, colour, artistically music pieces of work and dance, percussion acts, acoustic acts and generally provides a vast selection of musical differences, which seems to suit all likeminded fans perfectly.

Boddika will be featuring on the main line up, serving the dancefloor with more modern styles of synthesised music, earning a reputation as one of the most influential undergrounds artists around. Boddika likes to play with different sounds, from electro, techno and dub. He is raw yet energising. Check out this mix from a few years ago with Boddika live at “I am Sub Club”. This is Boddika doing what Boddika does best…

Other big artists such as Jerome Hill, Dave the Drummer, Crystal Distortion, Hit and Run, Radioactive Man (LIVE), Calibre, Gaudi, DJ Hype, Commix, John Fairhurst, 808 State, Age of Glass, Dub Smugglers, Slam, Meat Free and DJ Bone will also be featuring over the 5 days, not forgetting Audio Farms residents Cy Humphries, Kerrie and the Zutekh DJS. This should give you an idea of the eclectic collection of music that Audio Farm offers.

Jerome Hill has been throwing parties since the 80’s and is well established in the acid house scene. Jerome has recently turned a platform in “I Love Acid” events and has been releasing new music with a beasty yet vibrant sound, influenced by the old Chicago style house Jerome’s beats provide listeners with cockamamie, fierce, weird and wonderful sounds.

Radioactive man will be playing a live set over the weekend so make sure that you catch a glimpse of this. His electronic sounds are deliberately made to send shivers through your spine. He is truly individual and unique in his style of chilling, yet ambient and drum machine led sound. When witnessing a set by Radioactive Man it is hard not to dance or do some sort of funky chicken around the dancefloor to his distorted yet well fed tunes! He really seems to bring out sides of a person’s personality that may be so evident on the outside. Expect erratic yet FUN.

Calibre, a born and bred Northern Irish DJ is going to liven the party up with his drum and bass influence. Starting at a young age Calibre has always shown great skills in using different types of musical instruments in producing the creative and consistent sounds within the drum and bass scene. Calibre has over 20 years’ experience and is now highly recommended by others who are following his work in the drum and bass industry, he has over 60 singles alone and 10 albums.

Kerrie, a record store staff member from Eastern Block in Manchester is slowly but surely moving forwards in her career. Kerrie has developed her musical taste and is now an honorary member of Eastern Blocks residential nights. Most recently Kerrie performed live for the first time and this really went down well with her following and fans so expect to be in for some new treats from Kerrie’s set the weekend. Kerrie is becoming booked up throughout Manchester’s underground scene and is really making milestones. To define her style you could say that she mixes those dark infused berlin techno sounds with the nitty gritty and sketchy style of acid house alongside a mixed array of old Detroit and electronic infusions. Kerrie has also recently released on the UK label “I Love Acid” as part of their 10 year complication mix, a feisty girl who means business when it comes to sharing her passion for music; Kerrie is one to look out for!

Gaudi is a more psychedelic instrumentalist and performer which will appeal to those who will be looking for a more chilled out and ambient experience, combined with his own style of electronic beats and gritty sounds also. Or both! Gaudi likes to lure his listeners through a journey of sound. You can sample Gaudi’s work here, check out Gaudi’s remix below of Trentemollers ‘Always something better’ below…

With only the last phased weekend tickets available then make sure you get yours in time before the clock runs out! For more info on One Tribe Festival music, click here

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